13 Affordable Etsy Items Your Inner Moon Child Needs (Right Now)

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Okay, I’ve got a strong obsession everything and anything that has a feminine, sort of moon-child feel to them. And the best place to find such items? Of course, Etsy! But, unfortunately, these types of unique, moon child items can be pricey as they are usually one-of-a-kind. But, the great thing about Etsy is that it is a HUGE marketplace. With over 35 million products, there are definitely some affordable Etsy items worth checking out that won’t break your budget.

(Speaking of budget…if you read my last post, How I Changed My Financial Mindset and Stopped Overspending, you know I limit myself from buying expensive things and living super frivolously like I had years ago. I love to save my money and reduce expenses now, but I am a believer in balance. I do not believe it is sustainable to never treat yo’ self. I’ll expand on the importance of creating separate allotments for each ‘savings purpose’ in another post. However, the gist is that in addition to your regular long-term savings account, you want to save a small percentage of your income for short-term savings. This account will be for the sole purpose of buying something for yourself. That way it is completely separate and thoughtfully budgeted, so you don’t feel guilty! Okay, budget rant done. Now onto the important stuff!😊) 

Here are some of my favorite items I have bought or waiting on my Etsy wishlist to buy. Did I mention all of these items are super affordable and under $15?! Winning!

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13 Affordable Etsy Items Your Inner Moon Child Needs Right Now

(This post contains affiliate links that I could make commission off of. All opinions are my own.)

A6 Constellation Stars Notebook Set

Affordable Etsy Items | A6 Constellation Stars Notebook Set
Credit – Etsy | Nikkistrange | A6 Constellation Stars Notebook Set


White and Gold Oyster Shell Ring Dish

Affordable Etsy Items | White and Gold Oyster Shell Ring Dish Ring Holder Ring Bowl
Credit – Etsy | CreatedByGenevieve | White and Gold Oyster Dish


I Blame Retrograde Astrology Tote Bag

Affordable Etsy Items | Zodiac Bag Astrology Bag Zodiac Tote Bag Astrology Bag I Blame Retrograde Tote Bag
Credit – Etsy | LoveByLunaCo | Zodiac Tote Bag


“Mood Enhance” Natural Aromatherapy Shower Bomb Steamers

Affordable Etsy Items | Aromatherapy Shower Bombs - Natural Handmade Shower Steamers, Shower Fizzies, Shower Tablets, Shower Melts, Shower Fizzy Spa Shower Soothers
Credit – Etsy | GorgeousSoap | Aromatherapy Shower Bombs


Manifestation Quartz Crystal Key Chain

Affordable Etsy Items | Rutilated Quartz Crystal key chain. Amethyst chips. Manifestation. Intention. Higher consciousness. Healing. Protection. Tumbled stone.
Credit – Etsy | TheHeartofShiairre | Quartz Crystal Key Chain

All Natural Cedar Rope Incense

Affordable Etsy Items | Cedar Rope Incense.All Natural. Rituals Incense. Himalayan Cedar.
Credit – Etsy | RitualsIncense | Cedar Rope Incense


Sage and Patchouli Essential Oil Whipped Soap

Affordable Etsy Items | Sage and PATCHOULI Essential Oil | Whipped Soap | Pink Himalayan Salt | Vegan | Handmade | Hand Soap | Dry Skin | Eczema | Acne | Sensitive
Credit – Etsy | Claynsoul | Sage and Patchouli Whipped Soap


Zodiac Crystal Set

Affordable Etsy Items | Aquarius Crystal Set / Zodiac Crystal Set / Healing Crystal Set / Gifts For Her / Zodiac Healing Stones / Zodiac Stones / Aquarius Gifts
Credit – Etsy | LoveByLunaCo | Aquarius Crystal Set


Watercolor Buddah Digital Art Print

Affordable Etsy Items | Peaceful Watercolour Style Buddah Statue PRINTABLE INSTANT DOWNLOAD Digital Poster Wall Art Print Popular Zen Modern Meditation Gift
Credit – Etsy | indigoSagedesign | Watercolor Buddah Digital Art Print


Raw Rose Quartz Necklace

Affordable Etsy Items | Rose Quartz Necklace, Raw Quartz Necklace, Healing Stone, Crystal Necklace, Bridesmaid Gift, Natural Stone, Raw Crystal, Boho Long Necklace
Credit – Etsy | AzramDesigns | Rose Quartz Necklace


Meditation Soy Candle

Affordable Etsy Items | Meditation Soy Candle, 4oz. Scented with 100% Pure Essential Oils. Soy Wax, Vegan, Natural Candle, Altar
Credit – Etsy | FloraHue | Meditation Soy Candle


Blue Apatite Meditation Ring

Affordable Etsy Items | Meditation Ring - Apatite Ring - Blue Apatite Ring - Apatite Ring - December Birthstone - Manifestation Ring - Brass Ring - 14k Gold Fill
Credit – Etsy | thepurelightwithin | Blue Apatite Meditation Ring


Air Plant Gold Dipped Quartz Crystal

Affordable Etsy Items | Air Plant Gold Dipped Quartz Crystal, Desk Accessories, Best Friend Gift, Boho Decor, Dorm Decor Air Plant, Air Planter, Air Plant Terrarium
Credit – Etsy | AirFriend | Air Plant Gold Dipped Quartz Crystal


What websites and stores are your go-to for treating yourself and staying within a frugal budget? I’d love to know! Share in the comments below. 

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