17 Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Join in 2018

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If you are a new blogger, there are a few things I recommend when it comes to blog promotion. Number one is to promote through Pinterest Group Boards. And as a close second,  I highly recommend you also consider adding Facebook groups to your daily routine. And if you’re not sure where to start, scroll down and where I’m happy to share my list of 16 Facebook Groups for bloggers.

If you are super-new to blogging and Facebook groups, please be sure to read my last post, How to Use Facebook Groups to Promote Your Blog + FREE Printable. In this post, I outline my strategy for sharing and reciprocating on Facebook Group threads. Plus, you’ll get a handy FREE printable so you can track and organize each Facebook Group’s promotion schedule. This has seriously saved me so much time every day! In fact, I typically spend less than 30 minutes each day on Facebook Groups. 

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17 Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Join in 2018


Before we jump into the list, keep in mind these groups are the ones that I happened to run into or was referred to by other bloggers. In no way is this a complete list of Facebook Groups for bloggers to join. And in all honesty, there are probably thousands of groups for bloggers – with many new ones sprouting up every day!

I am always on the hunt for new groups, but I would never recommend a group that I haven’t actively been participating in for at least one month. Each of these groups has my stamp of approval! And believe me when I say that not all groups are created equal. There are many that I have had to leave for various reasons, such as not much engagement or too many spammy accounts. And if and when this list changes, I will definitely update this post.

By the way, have you started your blog yet? If not, head on over to my blog post, Starting a Lifestyle Blog (An Easy Step by Step Tutorial).  🙂


Bloggers Unite on Pinterest – Perhaps my favorite FB group for Pinterest reciprocations! I pinned this to the top of my FB shortcuts so I can be sure to participate EVERY DAY. I typically receive a minimum of 2 to 8 reciprocations on any day. To join, you MUST follow these two gals’ Pinterest accounts: Uniquely Women and Kentucky Makeup Junkie.

Blogging 101 –  Nicole Floss of Uniquelywomen.net is the admin and creator of this FB group. Not only are there several promo days included in the schedule, but it’s one of my top choices for asking questions and connecting with almost 17,000 bloggers (like whoa – how did she get so many?!)

Blogging for New Bloggers – With over 3,500 members, this is a smaller group. However, don’t let that discourage you from applying. When joining new groups, I generally look for at least 1,000 to 5,000 members total. The more popular a group does NOT mean more engagement.  Reason being? It is due to the sheer length of the threads. With larger groups, my comment can sometimes get ‘lost’ in the sea of URLs in a huge thread. I consistently receive a good number of shares in this group, which is why I continue to remain a loyal member.

Blogging Newbs – McKinzie Bean of momsmakecents.com has really created an amazing community within her group of over 18,000 members. There is really only one or two threads that I participate in on a consistent basis. However, I am a big believer in this group simply because I get really great feedback when I need some perspective. Check it out! And if you want Feedback too, make sure to participate on Fridays when McKinzie posts her ‘Feedback Friday’ thread.

Blogger Insights – It has truly been quite a trip to see how much this group has grown. I was a member way back when there were only a few thousand members. It, now, has a total of over 15,000. Eden Fried offers a TON of freebies for bloggers that you can snag! And don’t forget to visit on Wednesday for her Promo Wednesday thread.

Blogging Boost – This is one of the biggest FB group that I contribute to with over 27,000 members. That’s A LOT of members! In addition to Promo Monday, I love this group for survey questions because you can really get a good baseline for the top answers that you may want to test out for your blog.

Blogging Babes & Biz Bosses – One of my smaller FB groups with about 1,700 members, but I still love and participate in it every week. The Promo thread is every Friday. I really enjoy this group because I find many that so many of the members are women. I don’t dislike male bloggers, but I find women to have more of the topics I want to share with my audience. An important distinction, especially if you promote a lot on Pinterest.

Blog Boss Tribe – Aside from just promo threads, this group has a wide variety of threads to participate in. For instance, I’ve noticed a YouTube thread and a Business Talk Thursday thread. Definitely, a great group to join for unique conversation and community feedback/questions.

Connect + Cultivate w/ Ivory Mix – First of all, I LOVE Kayla Butler! I partly joined this group because I can’t get enough of her stock photos. Plus, her branding is so on point! Okay, aside from my obsession with her and her blog, I really appreciate how straightforward the group is. There are a few basic, not super-surprising, rules to follow. Also, I like that she posted the thread schedule in the group description. You wouldn’t believe how many groups don’t do that!

Creative Ninjas (formerly Creative Ninja Nation) – The creator of this FB group is Latasha Peterson of the blog, artsandbudget.com. Not only are there three ‘promo-ish’ threads every week, but she really does offer this sense of positive, fun community within the group.

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers – This is another BIG FB group. I mostly participate in other groups one to three times per week. But, this group actually has DAILY reciprocation threads with specific social media channels to promote. A big win for those that are looking to get a boost to social media platforms other than just Pinterest.

Pinterest Ninjas – Megan Johnson of lovefamilyhealth.com has done such a fabulous job at growing this group. I really appreciate all of the work she does to make sure this group is operating fairly. And did I mention there are daily promo threads to participate in? Plus, I love that Megan comments frequently and remains super active in her group. Makes me a big fan knowing that she takes the time to do that. 🙂

Pinterest Pals – Ahhhh, where would I be without this group? Pinterest is no doubt the main focus of my blogging traffic. And Amber Temerity of thriftyguardian.com and embracingtemerity.com has truly created such a valuable asset to us bloggers by offering these daily repin threads. Rules are easy to follow and, yes, she actively participates in the group too!

Make Your Blog Beautiful – This is one of the newer groups I’ve joined. But it made the list because it feels like the other members are just ‘my kind of people’. It’s easy to find bloggers in my niche that provide valuable information and attractive images that I can share with my readers. I can’t say this about every FB group, so it’s a big compliment that is rightfully earned!

Pinteresting Strategies – This is a super-NEW group, but I want to include it as I truly believe that it can and will be a big power-hitter in the near future. It is different than most reciprocation FB groups because the threads are categorized by niche. And as you can guess, it is based on Carly Campbell’s ebook, Pinteresting Strategies. I don’t expect to get a lot of repins and shares from it right now, but I have faith that within the next year, it will definitely grow.

Manifestation Babes – Okay, so this is not a reciprocation group specific to bloggers. However, I add this as an honorable mention because of the amazing help and guidance I receive from the 41,000 members. You heard that right, forty-one thousand! I whole-heartedly love this group for inspiration and advice. It’s a must-have for that reason, but I also like it for the Friday promo thread too!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – I was debating on whether I should include this group because it is a CLOSED group – open ONLY to those that have paid for Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Alas, I recommend this not only because the course is filled with juicy tidbits and real actionable advice, but the FB group is full of bloggers that take their blogging-business seriously. If you are thinking of purchasing the course, I highly recommend it to get your affiliate marketing on point. The FB group is honestly what puts this over the top for me. I’m currently working on testing Michelle’s strategies, but I’ll be doing a proper review of it within the next month or two!

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How do Facebook Groups work for you? I’d also love to know any other Facebook Groups for bloggers that I should join. Hopefully, over the next several months, I’ll be able to add a few more to my arsenal and daily routine!

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26 thoughts on “17 Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Join in 2018

  1. A big WOW to this helpful list! I definitely agree social media is one of the best strategies for online marketing and at top for me is Facebook with the right audience. Thank you for sharing these blogger groups, Kimi!

  2. Discovering Facebook groups is what really made a difference for me.
    I didn’t have a personal account for a few years and I thought I can’t stand facebook anymore lol… But these groups are beyond amazing at helping boost your blog.

    Pinterest pals was the first I joined and I love it, so thank you for the rest of the list, this helps a lot!

    1. I <3 Pinterest Pals! Hope some of the other groups I mentioned will also help to further promote your blog. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Great Post! I found tons of groups I didn’t even know about in there and a few that I am already a part of and love. For a new blogger like myself, these groups are key. Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. I love this list.. I’ve tried out a few of the ones you shared but some were also new! I appreciate that you wrote your own personal experiences of each group. Very helpful!

  5. I’ve soent a lot of time researching groups to join to help grow my newbie blog so this list was excellent!!! Joined a few while I was reading through it.

  6. This was super helpful!!! I def got overwhelmed with the idea of FB groups but this list just gave me so much excitement and motivation! Already applied for a few, so thanks!!!

    1. Oh yeah, girl, I was exactly the same when I first started participating in groups! I’m EXCITED for YOU! By the way, your blog is beautiful – following your Pinterest profile!

  7. wow what an awesome list! I joined as many as I could in the time I had. I am going to pin this for future reference thank you! :):)

    1. You’re so welcome, Amanda! Yes, definitely check out all of them when you have time. I have a high standard for FB Groups and have to leave many of them. So, these are really my gold standard. 🙂 good luck blogging!

  8. This was just what I needed. I’m getting back into blogging (for the millionth time) so I want to make sure I’m spending my time where it really can matter. Thank you!

  9. Thanks so much for the shout out, Kimi!
    We started Blogging for New Bloggers as a place for like-minded bloggers to connect and grow together. So many awesome bloggers have joined in and we’re proud of the supportive community it has become.
    You are one of our most valued members and I’m glad to hear you’re finding value in our Group 🙂
    Your readers are all welcome to join and I look forward to getting to know more about them and their blogs.
    Thanks again, girl, you rock!

    1. Awe, thank YOU!!!! Your group has created such a great way to connect with other bloggers and to help each other out. Definitely a member for life! <3

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