Free Minimal Calendar Printable – A Blank Monthly Calendar for Every Year

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Hey, guys! Today I’m debuting a brand new FREE minimal calendar printable I created just for you.

I designed this minimal blank calendar freebie for you guys to keep and use no matter what year it is!

This printable is great to have so you don’t have to re-buy monthly calendars with each passing year. Another benefit of these printables is that they won’t suck up a ton of ink. I love printables, but I am a {recovering…cough cough} shopaholic and now working towards being a frugal babe. I do my best nowadays to conserve not just money, but also on things I just don’t believe are necessary. Printing a lot of solid color is something I’ll splurge on only if it’s something really special.

TIP: For those times you want to print some solid-ink printables, go to your local OfficeMax or Office Depot. They are my favorite for inexpensive 8.5 x 11 color copies. You can usually walk out with 12 color copies for around $8.00. 

Go to the OfficeDepot website and follow these directions:

  1. Click on “Print & Copy”.
  2. Then select “Copies & Fliers”.
  3. From there you can upload the PDF document.
  4. Enter the number of pages as “12”.
  5. Make sure to select “Black & White”.
  6. Choose either “Single Sided” or “Double Sided”.
  7. I recommend a paper weight of 24 lb. or 28 lb. which will be a tad thicker than normal “20 lb.” copy paper.
  8. Click on “Add to Cart” and then proceed with your payment and pick up details when you checkout.

My local OfficeDepot store charges just $1.68 for 12 one-sided copies of this calendar! That is a crazy great price for professional printing. But, if you prefer to use your at-home printer, the quality should turn out just as good too.


>> Download the FREE Minimal Calendar Printable! <<

(This download is for your personal use only. Please do not distribute without my permission.)


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