My First Blog Post

Over the last several years, my attraction to blogs have piqued. Like many, it all started when I became overly obsessed with Pinterest. I’m not sure how it works now, but in 2012, I had to wait for an “opening” to become available before I was accepted into the wonderful world of Pinterest. Suddenly, at the click of a button, I had access to thousands (now millions!) of blog and website posts. Before I knew it, I had pinned hundreds of ideas for recipes and home decor ideas and had even created a special board for my future wedding day – which at the time I realize was comical, seeing as how I wasn’t even in a relationship! But, even then, I understood and had a real respect for these women that dedicated their time and energy into creating a business and developing a real trust with a wide audience of people around the world.

As the amount of pins I accumulated increased over the years (I now have over 8,600 pins!), I started to fantasize about starting my own blog. My background in copywriting for a local electric company in Arizona helped to develop my writing skills, so I thought to myself, “Hey, I can start my own blog too!” It was easier said than done though. To be honest, I had no idea where to begin, so I never started. I told myself so many excuses — “I’m not a technical person…Nobody will want to read my blog…I won’t know what to write about…I can never establish an income from bloggingI don’t have enough money to get a blog off the ground...I just don’t have the time…I’m not confident enough to put myself out there…”

Eventually after many changes, disappointments and heartaches in my career and personal life over the last few years, I decided with my best friend to start a conjoined blog together. The feeling of starting something from scratch and shaping it into something real was intoxicating and exciting for us. We brainstormed ideas for a DIY and Recipe Blog and after a couple of brainstorming sessions, we bought a domain. And I couldn’t have been more hopeful for what was to come. However, life changes…and although we were excited, I know now that it takes a very real and personal commitment to get a blog off the ground. Unfortunately, we never published even one blog post after several months of research and brainstorming. I filed away my hopes and dream of becoming a blogger and added it to a long list of things that would never be.

After four years in a string of call center sales jobs and unemployment, I am realizing my unfulfilled potential. I wouldn’t say I’m unhappy — I can always find appreciation and love in my day-to-day life — but there a several areas of my life where I have not accomplished as much as I have hoped for. If I had just bit the bullet, put my nose to the grindstone four years ago, I would be in a much different place. So, it is TODAY, not tomorrow, that I decide to do something about it. With as many bloggers proving it can be done, I make this testimony to myself (and anyone reading this now) that I commit fully and do not shy away from the hard work and commitment it takes to make this goal become a reality.

So, over the next few weeks, I plan to write, develop and publish several posts regarding topics that are important to me.

First things first, you should expect to see some posts about my recent change to eating healthy, specifically low carb. I will elaborate further, but for now, just know that I am not an expert. Like you, I am a human being just trying to get better. Even if nobody reads this for the next year, I know in my heart this is the right path for me to take and cannot wait to look back and see how I transform physically, mentally and spiritually. <3 <3 <3

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life”

– unknown


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  1. Congratulations on your new blog! It has a very pretty layout. I wish you great success as you follow your dream.

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