Earning My First Affiliate Sales During my Second Month Blogging (November 2017 Blog and Traffic Report)

Earning My First Affiliate Sales During My Second Month Blogging - November 2017 Blog and Traffic Report - Kimi Was Here | #blogreport #incomereport #lifestyleblogging #affiliateearnings #startablog #workfromhome

Okay, so I’m super duper, wayyyyy overdue for my November blog and traffic report. I had a tough time this last month in December staying true to a content schedule with my focus being put more on enjoying the holidays with my family. But, I’m happy to say that my little ol’ blog has seen progress since my first-month blogging in October! Spoiler alert – I actually made my first affiliate sales!

Before I started this blog, I told myself it would be a worthwhile journey – and even though I’m not seeing a more than two digit earnings, I do feel satisfied with my November numbers. I’ve tested some new things out with affiliate strategies. And while I haven’t exactly cracked the code, I’m learning more than ever about how to run my blog and where to invest my time. And the best part is that I can share all of it all with you as I continue on my journey toward blogging success.

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Earning My First Affiliate Sales During my Second Month Blogging (November 2017 Blog and Traffic Report)



November Blog Traffic – 2,784 Pageviews

Last month in October I had a total of 1,693 page views. This means my page views increased by 64% – or 1,091 views. See last month’s blog report here. 

My goal for the month was 2,500 page views, so I couldn’t be more tickled that I actually freaking surpassed my goal! Truth be told, I can be very tough on myself and a bit of a pessimist when setting goals. But, I am learning to encourage myself to be realistic while also pushing myself to reach new heights and try out new strategies.

Is it an enormous amount of page views? No.

But, in a year, I aspire to be in the range of 50k or more page views. And as long as I continue to learn, my little numbers are enough for me to know that blogging is working, but just on a much smaller scale than some bloggers that have been doing this for much longer.


Social Media Followers + Email List Subscribers:

  • EMAIL LIST //  11 NEW //  Total —> 25 Subscribers
  • PINTEREST //  114 NEW //  Total —> 354 Followers
  • FACEBOOK PAGE //  0 NEW  //  Total —>28 Likes
  • INSTAGRAM //  29 NEW //  Total —> 412 Followers
  • TWITTER //  2 NEW //  Total —> 29  Followers

My social media posting has been all over the place. Yes, it’s a total mess (rhyme not intentional)! My Pinterest strategy continues to evolve. It is the platform that I put probably 90% of my effort and time into. And like so many other lifestyle bloggers out there, it just makes the most sense to focus my promoting to Group Pinterest Boards and Tailwind tribes to gain as much of dedicated following as I possibly can as a new blogger.

But, as you can see, my other social media accounts haven’t seen quite as much traction. This month, I will properly post all of my content to my social profiles, but I don’t want to go crazy trying to get followers right now on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. My main priority is my blog content and Pinterest. Anything beyond that will have to wait until I am ready to tackle another platform.


Blog Income – $24.67

Holy cow! I told myself that this would be the month that I make earnings from my blog – and by the grace of God – I did it! Don’t believe the lie that new bloggers can’t earn money unless you have thousands upon thousands of page views per month. Total baloney! The key is to start with affiliate marketing early on.

With the exception of ShopStyle, the income I earned was actually due to sharing recommendations and information from my first blog and income report. I was initially skeptical of posting a blog report so early on, but I’m glad I did. I enjoy reading other bloggers’ reports and recommendations. So, why should mine be any different for my readers? If you are honest, forthcoming and provide real, valuable advice, your audience will listen and take action!

The ShopStyle Collective income was earned from posting affiliate links directly to Pinterest. I learned about ShopStyle Collective from another blogger and thought I might as well try it out to see if it would be a good fit. I’m not completely sold on whether it’s worth my time and effort. But, I refuse to give up so easily! I plan on using ShopStyle for the next few months and may review it for you soon if you guys would like to know more.


Blog Expenses/Investments – $43.83

Even though I made some blog income, my expenses for November still outweighed my earnings. So I am still in the negative at -$19.16. Not where I want to be by far, but better than being in the hole for the entire $43.83.

  • Adobe CC (Illustrator $21.83/mo) – With another month of blogging under my belt, my design process has gotten so much more efficient and consistent. I tried to use Canva before making the switch to Adobe and I seriously was about to give up on blogging because it was just so darn glitchy. That was, until, I found Adobe Illustrator! I had absolutely no idea how to design in illustrator, but I found my way mostly through Youtube videos and online tutorials. If you use Photoshop, you’ll find the layer and menu features to be similar – but not the same. In my opinion, Illustrator is much more straightforward and what I consider to be my favorite program thus far to design in.
  • Tailwind $15 – As you may know, Tailwind has finally opened up their ‘Tribes’ to everyone that has a subscription. Now that their beta testing phase is done, users can now search for tribes and either join or request to join (depending on how the tribe owner set it up). Join my Tailwind Tribes here!
  • Creative Market // 50 luxury gold & marble textures $7 – I wanted a little sparkle when designing my desktop wallpapers for November and December…cuz you know…shiny gold objects make everything that much more luxurious! 😉

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November 2017 Top 5 Performing Blog Posts:

  1. 11 Tasty Low Carb Thanksgiving Recipes (so you don’t ruin your diet)
  2. What Happened My First Month Blogging (October 2017 Blog and Traffic Report)
  3. 10 Easy Low Carb Dinner Recipes (For Busy Weeknight Meals)
  4. The Ultimate List of Gifts For Him (For All Price Ranges!)
  5. H&M’s Best Fall Fashion Outfits and Picks for 2017

It was no surprise that my top post for November was a Thanksgiving recipe roundup post. I haven’t received a ton of engagement on my recipe roundups, but it sure has provided a lot of page views. This is something I may discontinue as I’m using a much more focused eye toward really developing my blog’s true voice.

To my astonishment, my first month blog and traffic report blog post did very well too! Many bloggers have mixed feelings about these types of reports. And I had just as many mixed-feelings after I published, not knowing if anyone would care enough to read my stats for my first month without showing anything for earnings. But, seeing the results from you guys, has restored my faith. Even if you’re just starting out as a new blogger, or you are a veteran, there is something to be learned.

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My Favorite Blogging and Affiliate Tools:


Mailerlite Logo | Earning My First Affiliate Sales During my Second Month Blogging

Mailerlite – I can’t believe how easy ML is to use! I’ll definitely be writing a blog post for this email service. Anyone up for a tutorial on this?


Adobe CC (for Illustrator + Photoshop) – Oh how I love to learn more about these design and photo editing programs. I’m still learning many of the tools in Photoshop, but my Illustrator game is getting stronger. I use it to design just about everything…from blog post images and my logo to free wall printables and social media header images.


Tailwind – I highly recommend Tailwind for new bloggers. At first sight, the site was a bit complicated. And I didn’t understand how the features worked. But, I’m getting better at understanding how it can really benefit my pinning process. I mainly use it for Tailwind Tribes and pinning my own pins to group boards with relative ease. Try Tailwind for FREE your first month if you haven’t already gotten on this awesome bandwagon.


Boardbooster – My 2nd favorite scheduler, but worth the $5 that I’ll start paying this month (you get the first month for a free trial)! I use it to further help me with pinning other people’s pins from group boards through the ‘Campaigns’ feature. It’s important to stay active so everyone in group boards benefit and Boardbooster does just that. I heard good things about looping, but I haven’t really figured out how to use it since it only works on group boards that I belong to. Can anyone explain it to me? Thanks!


Pinteresting Strategies – My one and only e-book that I have bought thus far. It’s only $32 and a wonderful strategy to get more blog traffic from Pinterest.  I’ve read through it twice already and about to read it for the third time so I can develop and design my own printables using this strategy.


Creative Market – You probably saw on my last blog and traffic report that I had bought a font for $18 on Creative Market. I was so hesitant to purchase anything for my blog, but it really has enhanced my branding. And, now, I’ve got a ton of CM products on my Wish List to help me level-up my designs for the coming months.



Fiverr – Fiverr was a godsend for what I needed! Anything small or large, I can guarantee you’ll find someone on Fiverr to help you. No longer are the days lingering on FacebookGroups and asking your friends to help you with a coding or design problem. I know absolutely zilch regarding coding so I’ll refer to the professionals to help me so I can focus all my attention on creating new content and marketing. Gotta stick to my talents so to speak.


Viglink – For a while, this Affiliate Network really stumped me. I honestly wasn’t sure exactly how to monetize my site with it. However, after some much-needed research, I think I really hit the jackpot with Viglink. There are hundreds of merchants to sort through! So, you’re bound to find affiliate merchants to fit with your blog niches. And the cool part? New bloggers can monetize with most merchants. So far, there are two merchants that I wanted to affiliate with and was, unfortunately, not eligible. One of the merchants was Etsy and the other one escaped my brain – lol it happens!



I appreciate you reading my second blog report! It’s so exciting to see progress, no matter how small.  By the way, if you haven’t started your own blog yet, head on over to my blog post, Starting a Lifestyle Blog (An Easy Step by Step Tutorial).

As a head’s up, I will probably skip December’s blog report as I totally dropped the ball with new content and promoting on Pinterest (insert sheepish-looking emoticon – 😐). But, with the new year, I’ve got many plans for Kimi Was Here and I’m in “super-anxious mode” to amp up again. I hope you all have had a wonderful 2017 and may your 2018 be prosperous and happy!

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25 thoughts on “Earning My First Affiliate Sales During my Second Month Blogging (November 2017 Blog and Traffic Report)

  1. Good job, Kim! I started my blog in December so I feel you 100% about putting in a TON of work in this whole process. Your blog looks great!

  2. I seriously just learned a lot about blogging and monetizing ! Im new to this and im still trying to process all this info (its a lot) and with 2 kinds its a little overwhelming, but im so excited that you have seen progress 😀 😀 Thanks for the tips and the resources ! Im still having a hard time understanding the whole Pinterest thing but im gonna keep on learning !!!

    1. Hi Valerie! I hear ya. So much stuff to learn, but just take it one step at a time and you’ll be so much further along in no time at all. I’m still in my learning process too and trying to get a solid pinterest “strategy” down. Please let me know if you need any help or just want to mastermind with another newbie and I’d be happy to connect with you!

    1. Wow, I’m so happy my post was helpful to you, Daniela. Honestly, I don’t have any beginner blogger books to recommend. I started out with such a small budget, so I basically made it my mission to learn everything I needed as a new blogger through my own research. I’m just now starting to invest money in more intermediate courses to further my education beyond the basics.

      Is there a more specific area that you need help with…such as WordPress, SEO, content/niches…?

      I’m actually trying to put together a HUGE resource library and I can totally forward you a few links that I found to be super helpful. Let me know and thank you so much for your comment! 🙂 Let’s chat again.

  3. I love this post! Its such a great feeling when you start making money from blogging, especially because you earned it!! Great job girl!

    1. Awe, thank so much, Morgan! Yes, it has been a great feeling and can’t wait to see how things change and grow over this next year. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome, Sophia. Let me know if we can connect and help each other as new bloggers! Love to see other bloggers as they progress – makes me that much more motivated to continue!

  4. Thanks for being honest because I’ve been blogging for months (not being super committed, I’ll admit) but have not seen results even like yours. I can see how dedication pays off through reading your results and they are reasonable (meaning, not far-fetched like other posts out there that make me question if they’re real results).

    1. Hello, Joyce! Yeah, I understand what you mean. I’m a bit hesitant when I see bloggers getting so many page views and earning hundreds within their first few months. But, I remind myself that everyone’s blog journey, strategies, and content differ, therefore, the results will too! Would love to help you out if you need any advice. Thx so much for your comment!

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