Tracking Daily Habits + FREE Printable!

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Hola! So, I’m following up my last post with how I plan to accomplish and track not just my health habits, but my daily habits as well. Although I love making lists, I admit I have struggled in the past at actually doing the task and checking it off ✔. For tracking daily goals and habits inRead more

July 2017 Health Goals

For my entire adult life, I’ve had a serious struggle with a lack of discipline related directly to my eating habits. During my childhood and teenage years I was naturally petite – weighing no more than about 105 pounds throughout high school. Every day consisted of fast food from Taco Bell, Jack-in-the-Box, or whatever fast approachRead more

My First Blog Post

Over the last several years, my attraction to blogs have piqued. Like many, it all started when I became overly obsessed with Pinterest. I’m not sure how it works now, but in 2012, I had to wait for an “opening” to become available before I was accepted into the wonderful world of Pinterest. Suddenly, at theRead more