5 Reasons to Start a Blog (Start Your Blog for Only $3.95!)

5 Reasons to Start a Blog | kimiwashere.com | How to Start a Blog for only $3.95

Thinking about how to start a blog? But just the idea of where to start overwhelms you? I totally get it. I know what it feels like to be on the sidelines of blogging life. You feel like an outsider looking into a world you’re not sure you will fit into.

But, Blogging Might Be For You (IF….)

You’ve devoured hundreds of blog posts. You practically stalk Pinterest several times a week. If not several times a day. You get an enjoyment and fulfillment when writing from your own point-of-view.  And you practically salivate reading income reports about all of the crazy and amazing affiliate income bloggers are earning. And you dream of the one day you might pull the trigger and just do the damn thang.

I was there too.

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5 Reasons to Start a Blog (Start Your Blog for Only $3.95!)

(This post contains affiliate links that I could make commission off of. All opinions are my own 😃)


I waited over two years to start the blog that I have today. In 2015, I started (but never finished) the process with a friend of mine. We were super excited and had strong reasons for why we both wanted to do it. In early 2015 I was laid off from my corporate job here in Arizona. Heartbroken is a word that comes to mind for how I felt at the time. I worked practically every weekday for the last nine years for the same company that had now told me they didn’t want or need me. After this experience, I knew I didn’t want to be just another name and number on a list of employees for another corporate company.

Several months after my layoff, I realized how much time I spent on Pinterest and reading blog articles. Most days I would go searching for a specific recipe to make at dinnertime. Other days I wanted to see a specific DIY project or a fashion blogger’s outfit of-the-day. It was around that time I started to really understand the value of blogging. All of the fashion and beauty magazines that I read as a teenager were no longer my go-to for information. The Internet has changed the way society searches for content. Bloggers running their own businesses were the new authority for information on practically any subject. And I wanted so badly to be one of them!

You Will Regret It If You Don’t Start Today

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.”     – Helen Keller

Obviously, I didn’t launch the blog I started in 2015. I let my fear get in the way. There were also some roadblocks when I started working again full time and some personal life issues. But in the end I know those were really just excuses.

Please don’t be who I was two years ago.

Even two months ago.

Learn from MY mistakes.

More than two years have flown by that I will never get back. Sure, I had some good moments. But I still regret not making even the smallest effort towards keeping that blog alive. If I had gone through with it, where would I be? Would I still live in Arizona? How much money could I have made? Would I be happier? More fulfilled? These are all questions I’ve asked myself. And it’s tough knowing I will never have an answer for the things that never happened because I didn’t push myself. And all I can do is make it count today and learn from yesterday’s regrets.

But don’t just take my word for it. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from the ever-popular personal finance blog, Making Sense of Cents, wrote an eye-opening guest post article on Fitnancials (another popular and impressive blogger you should follow) – 4 Strategies to Take Control of Your Life and Stop Making Excuses. These gals (who happen to be sisters) are two of my favorite bloggers I look up to – and are partly responsible for why I was inspired to start my own blog.

It’s Not as Difficult to Start a Blog

I once thought starting a blog meant I needed to understand coding and technology. And back in the late nineties, you would certainly have needed to be a programmer to manually upload articles. But it’s 2017 now baby 🤗! And access to WordPress combined with downloadable plugins makes it a snap to get your blog going with ease.

There are as many as 300 million+ blogs in the world!!!

And you can bet these bloggers have paved the way for YOU to start a blog. That’s big business and even more opportunity and reason for you to stop wasting time and get with the program.

I know absolutely nothing about coding or programming…

But, I can follow directions and am fairly sensible with how to utilize and understand most software to achieve the end result I need. With each step I took to set up my blog, I literally followed other, more established bloggers and their secrets to success.

If you are persistent and patient with understanding all aspects of blogging, you will surprise yourself like I did.

After each milestone, I thought to myself, “It really can’ be this easy!”

Yes, it absolutely can be!

Leave Your Mark on the World (On Your Own Terms)

Confession…I am an introvert.

I feel quite shy about sharing my thoughts and opinions with the world so openly. I know I will probably never be a speaker in front of hundreds of people.

However, being an introvert doesn’t mean I don’t want to make my mark in an important way. It just means I want to do it in a different way.

I haven’t been blogging for a long. But my blog is like a baby to me already.

I’ve put in a lot of work to get it to where it is and I feel connected to it on a deep level. Every word I type and each comment I receive from a reader is special. I do make mistakes, but I’m human. And every day that I progress with my blog, I feel more fulfilled. That’s a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time and something that nobody can take away from me (or you).

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You Will Learn (ALOT) About Blogging…and Yourself

Similar to many self-employed jobs, blogging requires you to wear many hats as the sole employee of your company. So, even if you have experience as a writer, you can be sure there are many other blogging areas you will not be an expert at.

And that’s okay.

You will learn as you do it.

It may sound like another language entirely when you begin: hosting, SEO, e-mail campaigns, widgets, dofollow vs. nofollow were all words that I had no idea about.

And I’m still learning!

But, after three months of educating myself through intense internet research, I feel confident that I have built a solid understanding of how to blog. And as the months and years roll by, I know I’ll be at a point where I can say I am not only knowledgeable, but I am successful at it too.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be capable of learning what I now know. It is this experience that has truly been invaluable in how I approach new ideas and goals. No more myself selling myself short. No more settling. No more excuses. With everything I plan for my life from now on, I feel more confident in those achievements with a little patience, hard work, and daily persistence.

You Will Be Part of Something Greater

The biggest desire I have in blogging is really to take part in the bigger picture to help and inspire others.

I am a believer that anyone can/should blog. But especially so if you are you the type of person that loves to recommend and offer help. Your blog audience looks to you for answers. And guess what? You can be the person to help inform, encourage and provide some real guidance. The best feeling is always when I receive a “thank you” for information I provide.

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You Can Make Money when You Start a Blog

If you’ve read other bloggers income reports, you know that blogging can be quite profitable.

I don’t think any successful blogger would recommend doing it just for the money. But, there’s no doubt that your passion to write, inform and help people can actually turn into a full-time income.

I’d be lying if I said income wasn’t a goal. It is. But, my foremost goals are, first, to provide real and engaging content. If people like what you write, you’ll get more traffic. With more traffic, the income will follow.

Like Kevin Costner said in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.” Right on, Kevin. 😋

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Wrapping Up

Yes, you’ll probably have fear. But, keep this in mind. Fear is not always a bad thing. You fear because it is new and different. Don’t fear blogging. Fear what will happen when you give up.

My best advice for you, my dear blogging friend, is to start with smaller, manageable daily tasks and remain consistent. Learn from others. Learn from your own mistakes. And then…keep learning.

With most things in life, it takes time, patience and work. How much time, patience and work it will take will be up to you!

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This is a post near and dear to my heart. And I sincerely I appreciate you reading and supporting my little blog! P.S. What are your reasons for blogging? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Start a Blog (Start Your Blog for Only $3.95!)

  1. every reason to start a blog is great reason. I love blogging and the community is great. It’s true that it’s really not that hard to start. WordPress is great. And I like Jimdo as well (Easy to use). And there’s always someone willing to help. I’d say join bloggers groups very soon and learn from each other. You’re very right: Don’t fear blogging. It’s fun!

  2. Thank you for the information! I really want to open a blog, and as you say im a little scared about…

    1. Yes, fear is a common emotion when starting a blog! I really hope you do it, Elena! Please let me know when/if you do pull the trigger. Would love to read it.

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