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Tracking Daily Habits and FREE Printable | | Productivity | Free Productivity Tracker | Daily Habit Tracker | Daily Goals | Printables | Free Printables

Hola! So, I’m following up my last post with how I plan to accomplish and track not just my health habits, but my daily habits as well. Although I love making lists, I admit I have struggled in the past at actually doing the task and checking it off ✔. For tracking daily goals and habits in the past, I’ve used a variety of methods such as Evernote, utilizing my Franklin-Covey planner or just plain pieces of paper, but in the end, the habits don’t stick. But, after so many years of pushing important goals to the side, I’m ready to go all in and commit my goals to reality.

My biggest problem was not being able to see a snapshot of my habits for a whole month’s time. Before, I was organizing by week or day, which I found to be rather cumbersome – hence, why I failed at making it a habit.

After seeing some inspiration on Pinterest, I decided to create my own!

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Daily Habit Tracker Printable List | Tracking Daily Habits and FREE Printable | | Productivity | Free Productivity Tracker | Daily Habit Tracker | Daily Goals | Printables | Free Printables

With this colorful Daily Tracker, you have a total of 16 habits for tracking daily goals to your heart’s content. For me, I prefer to put my goals in chronological order – from morning to evening. A few of my personal goals are:

  1. Drink ACV/Water
  2. Miracle Morning Routine
  3. Take Vitamins
  4. Exercise (5 Days out of the Week)
  5. Blog Post (3 Days out of the Week)
  6. Log ALL Meals on Lose It app
  7. Meditate

Unless otherwise specified, most of these goals are to be completed daily. With today being the official start to the month of July, I am so super excited to sustain these habits! If you too have a problem with committing to your daily goals, I am linking to my printable below for you to take advantage of it as well!


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(This download is for your personal use only. Please do not distribute without my permission.)


Upcoming Blog Post

Later, I plan on blogging about designing and committing to a proper workout routine for shedding weight. Keep in mind, I am a beginner at this stage, so I am definitely not an expert.

Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated as I’m learning what will and won’t work for me. If you’d like, come back to see my progress! I cannot wait to skip forward to the next few months to see how I’ve transformed!

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10 thoughts on “Tracking Daily Habits + FREE Printable!

  1. Great post Kimi! I think the tracker is a great idea..(I keep a tracker for my workouts too)! Having the ability to mark something off or as completed is an incentive for sure. I am on a weight loss journey as well. I will be checking back to see your progress. Wishing you all the best!!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Whitney! Yes, I think tracking is essential to establish consistent routines and for reaching goals. Good luck to you on your weight loss journey…I’m on the same road as well. Please update your blog with your progress. Love to see weight loss inspiration posts 🙂

    1. Hi Brennan! Yup, something I’m still working on myself, but the tracker makes it a lot easier to stay on task.

      PS – Thanks! I want another puppy just so I can name him Neville Longbottom!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I wanted to provide something easy to use. Please let me know if you think of any printables that might be beneficial for me to make for productivity. Btw, great site you have!

    1. Hi Meena!

      I’m sorry to hear the download didn’t work for you. I tried it on my side and it seemed to work fine…maybe it is an antivirus program on your computer that is blocking it?

      As an alternative, I can email it to you 🙂

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